Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ven Pongal ...Food for Gods- A short video

(Do click on the image to watch this video for the complete procedure)

Ven Pongal- The South Indian version of Khichdi is the ultimate comfort food  .....
This dish is made of easily available ingredients like raw rice and moong dal. It is seasoned with a dash of peppercorn and cumminseeds in hot oil or ghee.
It is traditionally served with chutneys/Sambar or Ghothsu.
The mild taste , in easy to digest,well cooked dish is suitable for people of all ages .
Maybe the Ven Pongal with its flavors ,taste and the aroma of hot ghee and .mild spices has made it the Ultimate food for Gods....No wonder Ven Pongal is regularly served as a Prasad in most of the South Indian temples in eco friendly cups called Dhonnai...